Prototyping is a simulation product or model that used to validate the product concept or system while product design and development. Inno PD has our own prototyping team in-house to cater our product design and development demands. Especially help clients know their project better . It will greatly improve client’s work efficiency for business showing, engineering building, and low volume manufacturing. Here below are typical prototyping process we offer:

  • CNC Machining Prototype
  • 3D Printing Prototype
  • Vacuum Casting Prototype
  • SLA & SLS Prototype


Prototyping picture

The Typical Usage of Prototyping

  • Design Validation 

          During the product design and development process, a prototype is a practical model to validate the design feasibility, functionality, and detail structure. 

  • Show Product to clients:

         When a business meeting, it's a good choice to bring a prototype product to show your clients. In this way, you can get feedback from your clients and improve your product later.

  • Useful Communication Tool

        Whenever there is a unclear communication, a prototype is a useful tool to show your clients, investor, and contract manufacturer. So that no communication barrier will happen.

When to use Prototype model:  

    1) After a 3D design is completed, a prototype can be used to verify the function and  structure of a product, so that the product designer know the actual product.
    2) When there is engineering modification, it's necessary to prepare a prototype to verify the engineering change and make some adjustment if needed.
    3)  When investor is not confident about the feasibility of a design, it's a good idea to make some prototype to demonstrate the product to those related people. So as to get funds and support from investor.
   4)  When it turns to mold making stage, we can show the prototype to the mold manufacturer and molding supplier.
   5)  When the product inventor intend to apply for a patent, it's necessary to submit some reference sample or prototypes to process the patent registration.