Introduction of New Product Design and Development:

Product design and development is an engineering process to convert product idea into finished products. It’s a series of steps that include the product concept, structure, material, manufacturing, and marketing.

Developing a new product can capture a new business opportunity as well as expanding market shares, it's quite important for all of companies, especially for startups. 

Even thought product development steps might vary a lot from different business size and different project management style, however most projects follow the six main steps in the product design and development process as below:


Our Product Design and Development Services:

InnoPD is an innovative product design and development company in Shenzhen China, our sophisticated product design and development team combines marketing  research, concept design, industrial design, manufacturing, quality control, and international shipping services to global clients. And working closely with you or your team to meet the timing, budget, and marketing target of your project.

We have a 15 people of  product development and manufacturing team including designers, project managers, manufacturing engineers, QC, electronic engineers, and logistic managers. All of them have at least 15 years of solid experience in product design and development, which make us confident to provide our clients the highest level products.

Our sophisticated engineering team and first class manufacturing facilities allow us to challenge the high-tech projects, and being capable of solving a wide variety of product development and manufacturing challenges. Ensuring your project will be sucessfully and cost-effectively developed at us.

Our Product Design and Development Flow Chat:

flow-chart-of-product design and development process


Our Design and Development Capabilities:


  • product development workshopPatent Investigation and Research
  • Concept Design
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • CAD Design(3D&2D)
  • DFMEA and DFM Engineering Analysis
  • Mold Tooling Design
  • PCB Board and Electronics Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering Building and Pilot Run
  • Mass Production

Our Mission of Product Design and Development

We make your idea happen

When you come up with a good idea, we will be responsible for making it happen

We make complex simple

The new product development and manufacturing is a really complex process, but we will make it simple for you.

We make it ready for ship

You are not a product expert? Actually you don't need to be, but we will do everything ready to ship.

We manufacture it in China

Our highly skilled engineers and China manufacturing facilities allow us to provide you good products.

Project Management:

Project management is our soul and roadmap to succeed our project at timing and quality. Prior to initiation of a project, our project manager would prepare detail project management plan including project tasks, timeline, and quality specification that will be carried out throughout our project.



During a project product design and development, our project engineers will be responsible to follow up the whole project schedule, quality checkpoints, as well as timely reports to our clients. A weekly project update will be sent to clients for review as regular. If any critical project, we will hold a daily conference and report. So that our clients will get their project on track anytime.

Should you have any question regarding product development or you have a project to run, please do feel free to contact us for help!