Plastic Injection Mold Service

While our mechanical design is finalized, we will start to prepare the plastic injection mold to obtain the plastic parts for our product development demands, Inno PD has our own mold tooling shop to make plastic mold from our facility in Shenzhen China with low cost and high quality. We provide mold making service to our clients for both product development and single mold making demands. We take strictly quality control for our mold components and injection molded products.

What is Plastic Injection Mold?

Plastic injection mold is an essential tool that made of steel to obtain plastic part through injection molding. A plastic mold is mainly consist of two sides, which are cavity side and core side. When injection molding process, the mold is clamped onto injection machine so as to be filled with raw material. After the injected material on the mold is solidified, the final plastic product is made.

Plastic injeciton molding manufacturer

The Main Advantage of Plastic Injection Mold

  • Cheap: Compared to extrusion, die casting, and metal machining, plastic molded parts is much cheaper.
  • High Efficiency: plastic injection molding can obtain large volume production of plastic products in short time.
  • Precision Dimension: A plastic injection mold can be used to achieve plastic product with accurate dimension or shape.
  • Repeatable: Plastic injection mold is the most repeatable manufacturing process to produce plastic parts.

The Main Defects of Plastic Molded Product

  • Flash: Exceeded material from desired shape or dimension
  • Deformation: A plastic parts is deviation from horizontal direction compared to its original shape.
  • Flow marks: An outstanding pattern existing on the surface of plastic product, it normally result by slow injection speed.
  • Sink marks: The material reduction portion after the plastic product cools from mold tooling. Normally there will be a shrink mark on the surface a plastic product.
  • Short shot: It's caused by an injection speed or pressure that might be too low
  • Welding Line: It’s also called the juncture line where normally happens on round feature that two flow fronts meet and are unable to join together during the injection molding process.
  • Burn marks: Black or brown burnt areas on the part located at furthest points from gate or where air is trapped.
  • Cracks: Improper fusion of two fluid flows, a state before weld line.

How to make cheap plastic injection mold

  • Define a wider tolerance for your design drawing
  • Use soft steel or aluminum for the mold making
  • Find an appropriate mold manufacturer 
  • Let your mold supplier know the mold life
  • Make a simple part design
  • Use compatible parts for your products

Why Make Plastic Injection Mold in China?

  • Low Cost -- The mold making cost in China is 40% cheaper than US and Europe
  • Numerous Choice of mold manufacturer--There are ton of mold manufacturers in China, and you can have lots of choice
  • Matured Mold Making Technology -- China has at least 40 years of mold making experience, any of precision mold can be produced in China