About Mechanical Design and Engineering:

Mechanical design is kindly of technology to deal with product structure, material, dimension, and tolerance. During a product design and development process, a mechanical designer use CAD software to create 3D model, making prototypes, and defining specification for manufacturing. Finally ensure the most optimized product to be made.

Here blow are some terms on mechanical design and engineering:

image of mechanical designConcept Design - It's an idea on how a product functions and how a product is to be used, which drives a product design work move forward originally. 

CAD Design - Product designer uses Computer-Aided-Design to achieve a product structure design and manufacturing design. The most common software are Pro/engineering, UG, Solidworks, and Auto CAD.

3D Drawing - It's solid model that created by product designer with a software, which will be used for prototypes or production.

2D Drawing - It a writing definition on how a system, product, or components should be made according some specifications, like material, tolerance, assembly or manufacturing process. 

Mechanism Design - It's consists of at least two components to achieve a certain kind of function. Like, gear mechanism, cam mechanism, link mechanism,etc.

Structure Design -  It's a mechanical consideration to deal with the location, space, and shape for each components.

Prototype - Prototype is a simulation model that used to validate the product concept or system.

A Comprehensive Mechanical Design Should Include:

-Product Investigation and Design Definition.

-Patent Study and Solution

-Mechanism and Structure Design

-Aesthetics and Robustness Design

-Tolerance and Manufacturing Consideration

-DFMEA and DFM Analysis

-Assembly and Production Optimization

-Continual Product Improvement


 Our Mechanical Design Standard:


Best Functional Products

All of we do is to design and create the best functional products for our clients.

Good Looking in Appearance

Aesthetics design is a critical consideration of our project, we make your product customer-loved

Easy for Manufacturing

We optimize our design to ensure our design can be easily manufactured

Reliability and Repeatability

Our mechanical engineers consider structure, material, and system to improve reliability and repeatability of any project we do