What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a product engineering process to make a product concept into mass production based on product function, aesthetics, ergonomics, value, and industrialization. A successful industrial design requires the designer to have rich knowledge, experience, and creativity on society, market, user, and product.

Industrial design is a critical part in the product design and development process, as it plays an important role from project inputs to project sign off.  It should be scientifically and systematically carried to cater the end user's demands as well as manufacturing process. 

Our industrial design team is consist of mechanical designer, electronic designer, graphic designer, and project engineer. they collaborate internally and externally closely to ensure each project is successfully developed.  a project manager is our soul person to embedded timing, cost, and quality targets to be achieved at us. 

Image of design drawing

Our Industrial Design Specifications:

Feasibility Analysis

Before starting a project, our expert team will hold a meeting to analyze the project feasibility

Product Concept and Definition

When a project turns to design stage, we will start with the concept design and product direction definition

Product Design and Engineering

After the product concept and direction are defined, we will perform 3D, 2D, material choice, and other engineering activities

Optimization and Refining

Whatever how perfect the design is, there is always a necessary to optimize and refine the design and engineering buildings.

Design for Marketing

Design for marketing is also referred to product strategy, which based on a clear product positioning in the market. This strategy is used to keep the competitive advantage of your product in the market. When design stage, our engineering and marketing team will guide our clients how to build their brands as well as marketing strategy. 

Design for End User

Our industrial designers will make a hand-drawing for sketch, use a software to create 3D model, do some prototypes to verify our design. Try to work out best workable products for our end users. 

In the early stage of our design process, our designers will have an overall design concept that clarify what problem your product will solve for the end user, why is your product needed for the user? secondly we should know who are your product users? try to know what way the user would like our product to be, and how they want our products to be. thirdly we would give a clear definition and direction, like what shape the products would look like? how the users would feel when they use the product. After know everything about the user, we will continuously optimize the product to cater end user's interest. 

Design for Manufacturing

After the overall product definition and concept are settled down, we will start to design everything for manufacturing. with a overall principle of designing a product that is quality-driven, cost-saving and easier for manufacturing. All of these targets will be achieved by our proactively think and measures. our engineering team will create part drawing, assembly drawing, as well as work instruction for the whole system who are involved in our product development activities. Those drawings and document are written clarification on what the product would to be, how should we make it. If any engineering changed needed, we will issue an ECN to track modification and make everything engineering activities are recorded and traceable. 

Design for Cost

As we know, cost is vital elements to any product development and manufacturing. We emphasize it as an very important stage while our product design process. Our cost-down program is carried out throughout our engineering process, we will take deep analysis to work out solution how to make the product with low cost while the product quality is simultaneously achieved. Ensure the most economical cost will be optimized.

If you have any product to design or develop, please don't hesitate to contact us!