One-stop Custom Product Development and Manufacturing Service

image of our production lineInnoPD, as professional custom product development and manufacturing company,  we have our own manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China,  offering one stop product development and manufacturing services to help startups as well as established brands to produce their products, with a wide range services including product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing , and our experts will provide the necessary guidance to ensure that your product requirements are met in a timely, quality-driven, and cost efficient manner.

Each of our custom manufacturing service starts with our sophisticated product engineering team that turns your original design idea to mass production with cost-saving and high efficiently. Should you have any project to run, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.


Our Product Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Plastic Mold Making
  • Injection Molding
  • Electronics, PCBA
  • Metal Parts Fabrication
  • Contract Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging and Logistic
  • Project Management

How Do We Work for Custom Product Manufacturing Service:

  • When there is a project consultation from our clients, we will request to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients. So as to obtain related information on the project.
  • After a rough communication and NDA is signed, we will ask clients to send us detailed information on the project, like product presentation, 3D drawing, 2D drawing, BOM, or reference prototypes.
  • We will provide a formal quotation for clients to evaluate their project. If the quotation is agreed from clients, they should make a pre-payment to confirm the deal.
  • Then we will setup a primary conference with our clients to have a overall discussion on the project prospective, functionality, timeline,  budget and other product properties.
  • When project information is completely collected from our clients, our engineering team will start to prepare relative document for part /components manufacturing(like plastic mold, injection molding, PCBA, die casting, etc)
  • Our production team will prepare work instruction, bill of specification(BOS), assembly flow-chat, and prepare all of material fixture and facility for mass production.
  • While production line, our QC and QA will take on-site quality control to ensure each lot of product are perfectly meet.

What preparation should you do before working with a product manufacturer?

  • You should get all of design works done. Prior to working with a product manufacturer, you should at least finish your design work for your product. And prepare 3D(stp or igs) and 2D drawing(defining with dimension, tolerance, material, color, finish…), as well as product explosion drawing. So that your contract manufacturer would understand your design better.
  • Make prototypes to verify your design work. Perhaps you feel you already had a wonderful product design work, however there is always lots of potential failure or mistakes that existing your design. But making physical prototype can reduce or avoid most of design failures. So we strongly recommend that you make at least 2~4 rounds of prototype, and check out your product structure, fitting, assembly carefully. Otherwise you might spent time and money for future’s engineering change or improvement.
  • Prepare a BOM and product manufacturing plan. After finishing product design and prototyping, it’s time to prepare a BOM(Bill of Material list), which clearly list-out part number, part name, material, color, finish, unit quantity, and other special requirements. And Plan for a manufacturing plan as engineering building, pilot run, and production schedule.