About InnoPD

Image of our officeInnopd is a turnkey product development and manufacturing company in Shenzhen China since 2001.We offer one stop service from product design, prototyping, injection molding, electronics, to final product manufacturing.

Our mission is to help worldwide individuals, small and medium-sized companies, and established brands to build unique, valuable, and competitive products with economical solution.

InnoPD is a Chinese local product development company,  consisting of sophisticated product designers, top qualified project managers, and experienced manufacturing specialists. We design, engineer, and manufacture your products at our factory with top IP protection. 

InnoPD uses a proven engineering process to achieve your product development and manufacturing target. Our sophisticated engineering team work closely with clients to keep project at high quality, on schedule, and within budget. All of our  team member has over 20 years of experience in new product development and manufacturing, we completely understand what and how the clients need, what and how the end users love the product to be.

In one word, we are expertised in product design and development . If you have any project to run, just contact us right way, do it now, and benefit your business earlier!

Our Work Manner

Plan / Schedule

Prior to any action, we initiate schedule to define project's task, timeline, milestone. So we can work towards our job map.

Do it Right & Follow up

Any of our project will be scientifically planned and performed at us, which is the first step to ensure we are doing right thing. during the process, we will follow up the full stage of product development and manufacturing.

Continious Improvement

Our project manager / project engineer will follow up daily task, provide continious improvement and optimization solution, which can completely meet and exceed customer's expectation.