Mechanical Design for Product Development

Mechanical design is an essential process throughout a product development. It is also one of the most important process of a product. Normally it includes design for ergonomics, aesthetics, manufacturing and patent if needed. This technology is widely used to obtain new product, as well as product development. Here below we would like share our experience on mechanical design, hope it will be helpful for any readers.


Concept and Functionality Design

Any of product is designed to render a special function and solve a certain of problem that the end users might have. Therefore, as a product designer, you should always have a clear idea on how the product will function, what way the end users might operate it. Then we should make a creative and cost-effective product solution that will be moving forward to product development process.


Structure Design

Structure design means an overall product layout of components and accessories. A reasonable structure design not only just arranges parts location and match, but also consider for aesthetics, moulding process, as well as assembly process. Meanwhile, you have to consider material, appearance, and cost. So whatever how perfect your original design might, there will always a necessary to optimize it in the later stage of a product design.


Prototype Validation

After concept design and CAD design finished, we must make some prototypes to validate the feasibility and manufacturingbility of our design. Since a real model can check out our product function, assembly, fitting, and tolerance. Prototyping is widely used for any type of engineering design and manufacturing process. Normally we need at least 1~3 times of prototyping before we can finalize our design and move it to manufacturing stage. On the other hand, prototypes can also be used for patent application and customer review.

Design for moulding and Assembly

Few of product designer realizes the importance of design towards injection molding and assembly process. And make lots of mold modification and engineering tweaking after molded products. For example, we should consider for draft angle, parting line, injection gator, and assembly process. These details might affect your product appearance and cost. Thus we must pay more attention to these process.

Pilot Run and improvement  

When all of components are manufactured according to our design, it’s time to prepare a pilot run to verify our process and facility, however it’s also a good opportunity to identify any unseeing issues and potential defects that exists on our product. At this stage, an experienced product design should operate in person to assemble the pilot run, and find out imperfections. Finally make some adjustment to optimize our products. In this way, we can develop a fantastic product as we needed.

The above mentioned is our product design experience for a new product, if you have any query or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. Innopd team will be always be here for you.