How to Get Your Products Manufactured?

To develop unique and valuable products becomes more and more important in the current business environment, many startups as well as big companies has realized it and continues to bring newer products to the market yearly. However, it’s not easy to find a reliable and cost effective manufacturer. Because the manufacturing cost arises continuously in many countries, especially in USA and Europe. This is why more and more business men look for their contract manufacturers in Asia countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Since it’s outsourcing outside countries, you should have some tips to operate it with effectively and safely. Here below we would like to share some useful skills on how to achieve it.

product manufacturing workshopPrepare your product specification

You might design your products around your place because of intellectual property concern, however it must transfer some information to your manufacturer while manufacturing process. We suggest you convert your 3D drawing into stp format that is not easy for modifying. And get the 2D drawing in PDF file, these two critical design document are enough for quotation use. If you don’t have them or just a sketch or reference sample, you can let find some design company to create drawings for manufacturing use.

Get quotation from your manufacturer

After your design is completed, you can look for some manufacturers to quote you. Normally if you don’t have a supplier, you can search it by Google, or some trading platform like Alibaba, made-in-China, Globle Resource, etc. Then collect some supplier contact information and send them your request, like estimated order quantity, component material, as well as your design drawing in step format. After couples of days, those potential supplier would send you quotation in details.

NDA for IP protection

NDA is a most common written document that used to restrict your information will not be revealed for any type of means between the product owner and the third party. It could be adapted for product design and development company, marketing company, as well as product manufacturing companies. You should not start with them before NDA is signed. Since NDA can protect your right in raw.

Choose a right manufacturing supplier

You can evaluate all of offers that your potential supplier send you. Perform a systematic by looking into their factory size, number of experience in the industry you source, reference customers, reference samples, and manufacturing capability. If possible, you should visit their facility in person so as to ensure you are not dealing with a broker. After your evaluation, you can finalize your idea supplier to manufacture your products, and kick off your cooperation formally.

Sampling and pilot run

Before you start a mass production, you should always request a sample making to verify your supplier will understand your demands and make the right products you needed. If a handwork product, you can directly require samples, if a molded products, you might have to require for prototypes by SLA or CNC.

Once the sample or prototypes are confirmed by you, it’s time to start with preparation of pilot run, get some trouble collection and troubleshooting solution during this stage. This is a useful way to identify any imperfection that exists your product, and improve it before mass production.

After you learnt our shares above, you should have some basic knowledge how to get your product manufactured. If you still have some query or question, please just contact Innopd team to help you.