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Contract manufacturing services for mechanical-electronic products

Since the manufacturing cost is going much higher in the USA and Europe, this is why more and more business men seek their contract manufacturers in Asian countries, especially in China, Vietnam, India. In this way, they can at least save 30% of their manufacturing cost. Talk to Asian contract manufacturing companies, Chinese contract manufacturers will have big advantage compared to other countries. If you have any project to run, just think of making it in China, and you will benefit your business a lot.

We design and manufacture projects that we developed at our factory in house, it greatly make the cost-down and keep project under control. Meanwhile it is much safe for your intellectual property protection.

Our facility is available for mold tooling, plastic parts, CNC machining parts, electronic, metal part, and final product assembly work. If you have any project to run, please contact us for help.

How does it work?

  • Lower ¬†Manufacturing Cost
  • Matured technology and wokers
  • Convenient Shipping Services