Product Design

About Product Design Process

Product design is a process that brings a idea into real products, which includes ideation, sketch, prototyping, drawing, and manufacturing. If you are a business man or technical person, you should know the whole process clearly. If you are not, we would like to share the main process of product design as below:

Step 1: Idea and Design Concept
Every product design starts from a idea or design concept, the product designer should be very clear of how your product function, what problem your product would solve for your clients. Does your customer really need your product?

Step 2: Feasibility and Customer Research
It’s a big risk if you start a project without sufficient analysis and study, therefore we strongly recommend you take some feasibility analysis before you doing anything.

Step 3: Product Scope Definition and Specification

As soon as you started your project, you should make a product scope definition, and list out the primary parameters of your product, like function, appearance, shape, size, use condition, safety warning,etc.

Step 4: Prototyping and Testing

Nearly all of engineering team will prepare some prototypes to verify their product property, and get them tested in real use condition. Prototyping is the most practical way to check out everything in details.

Step 5: Pilot Run and Mass Production

Before mass production, a pilot run is necessarily contacted to check the manufacturing system, as well as product design itself. Make some adjustment timely if needed, this is a great way to detect and reduce defective rate while mass production. If everything is correctly done, it’s time to kick off mass production.

Step 6: Continuous Product Improvement

Whatever how perfect your design or manufacturing process might be, there is always a necessary to perform a continuous product improvement. In this stage, you should listen to your customer feedback and troubleshoot them again and again.