New Product Development

About New Product Development Process

Product design and development is a common topic in business environment, I am sure most of us might be quite familiar with this process. However we still would like to share the main process of it as below, and we hope it’s helpful for some individual and startups.

Step 1: Product Idea and Design Concept
When you come up a good product idea, you should have a clear concept on how your product solve a certain problem, why customers need it?

Step 2: Feasibility and Marketing Research
Prior to you determine to kick off a product development plan, you should make some feasibility analysis and marketing research to find out if your business plan is possible to carry out.

Step 3: Prototyping

It is necessary to make some prototypes to very your design or show relative models to your potential customers before your product is manufactured. And make some tweaking if needed.

Step 4: 3D and 2D Drawing

A clear 3D and 2D drawing is a must for any product development process, which can clearly defines product structure, material, tolerance, and other critical specifications.

Step5 : Pilot Run and Mass Production

After all of drawings and prototypes are completed accordingly, it’s time to have some low-volume production trial, which is called pilot run. During this process, you might find some problems that exists on your system, then get them improved. If everything is OK, then you can start with the mass production for your project.