Medical Product Design and Manufacturing

The Product Design and Manufacturing of Blood Pressure Treatment Device

This device is designed to help people manage and fix high blood pressure. It’s widely used in the hospital to keep patient’s blood pressure under control. The whole treatment is operated automatically without noise.

Our factory is certificated with ISO9001, FAD, and ISO 13485 quality system. and we have over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing various kind of medical devices. We get our medical products tested at China local hospital for at least 1~2 years before we sign off our job to clients that ensure those device are safe and reliable while using.

With full understanding of medical industry standard, our manufacturing facility is available for product welding, assembly, and packaging, we utilize standard workflow to carry out  production and ensure the highest levels of product quality and specifications.

How to choose a right partner for medical product design and manufacturing?

Perhaps you can find a lots of product design and development companies who declares to be available for medical product development. However it could be a risky if you don’t find a right partner. Seeking to outsource a medical product developer should consider some of the following criteria before making a decision:

  • The Background of Engineering Team Member
  • History in Medical Industry
  • Manufacturing Capabilities in Medical Products
  • Industry Certifications and Registrations
  • Quality System
  • Reference Customers
  • Reference Projects

Should you have any medical project or existing project to launch, please just feel free to contact us for help.