Foldable Bike

Product Design and Development for transportation Tools


You probably know, nearly most of of transportation tools and sports products are consisted of mechanical, particularly in metal and plastic structure. our sophisticated designers will create 3D models, 2D drawings, prototypes, and DFM for manufacturing. and make sure the best products will be designed and developed at us.

As a professional product design and development company since 2001, InnoPD absorbed lots of product designers with rich experience in automotive and sports products, this is why we can move forward your projects quicker and better than others.

We design and develop few transportation products from our clients from Germany and UK, and helped them win competitive market shares and customers. Our services starts from concept to finished products, so that our clients just need to focus on marketing.

Innopd has rich experience in designing and developing of sports and transportation products. our fast turnout, low cost, and proven process will enable your project will be effectively developed from us. If you have any project to run, please don’t contact us for a free project evaluation.