3 Typical Product Development Strategies

Image of Product Development StrategyProduct development is a necessary way to survive and invigorate your business in the market. Whatever you are a startup company or a famous brand company, you are always suggested to develop new products continuously and keep your business unique and competitive than others.

Product development strategy is the way on how you perform your project during the product development process. It seems a complicated process, however there are some basic rules to follow. As a professional product design and development company based on Shenzhen China, we would like share our product development strategy as below:


Developing a totally new product in the market

You might come up with an innovative idea or brainstorm, and develop a new product that never exists on the market. Perhaps you should start as a real user and the beginner for your product, for example, you are a fan of outdoor sporter, you might come up with an idea to develop a simply flying device that you are able to track your team member and fly to anywhere easily when you are travel in a forest.

However there is a lot of risk when developing a new product, because sometimes the market might not accept your innovation, or the demand is not really needed. So you might lose your money and time. To start a new product development, you must systematically get your innovation evaluated before you are going to invest money and team, meanwhile making prototypes to test the market and collect information from your potential customers is also very effective way to avoid project risks.


Improve existing product with better quality

As we know, there is lots of risk to develop a new product. Therefore it’s a good solution to develop a better quality product that already exists on the market. Since the existing product has been tested and accepted by market and you don’t need to withstand any project risk. The only thing you need to do is improve the product quality. For example, a milk bottle for baby, this is very mature market, and the product is widely and continuously needed in the market, you just need to improve customer feeling and optimize a better and safe material, then your products must be identified by your target customers.


Improve existing product with more functions

Improving existing product is the most effective and quickest way for product development, instead of developing a totally new product. Except for improving product quality, you are alternatively improve your product with more functions. In this way, you can greatly differ your products from your competitors. For example, at the very beginning of mobile phone business, the phone is only used for making calls or sending message( like Nokia). After years of development, you can the smart phone with lots of functions that we have been using for( like Iphone). This is something we never thought before. However this product development has been accepted by the market. So just use your imagination to get your product with more function, and you will be totally different and increase your market share.

If you still have questions on new product development process, you can contact InnoPD team to help, we are ready and always be here for you.

The Industrial Design Process

1. Design Content Definition:

When we identify the design cooperation with the customer, we will communicate with our market personnel and designers to understand the content of the design and the objectives that the industrial design should achieve. According to the original product or product function model provided by the customer, we analyze the function realization principle of the product, the variation range of the structure, then determine the product restriction conditions and design focus.

2. Design Research:

Design research is an essential step in the development of a designer’s design. This process requires the industrial designer to understand the product’s sales status, the stage of its life cycle, the status of the product’s competitors, the users and the seller’s opinions on the product. These are the basis for design positioning and design creation. For products like fingerprint locks, the design difficulty is mainly focused on the pleasing appearance and the accuracy of the shape positioning. How to shorten the design cycle to capture the vagaries of the mass consumer market.

3. Rough structure to meet customers’ plan

After locating the concept of the product, we will discuss the rough structure of the product with the customer, analyze the feasibility of the technology, as well as the cost budget and the feasibility of the commercial operation. Understand the customer’s basic idea of ​​the product.

4. Conceptual product sketch:

The work of the sketching phase will determine the cost of the product design by 70% and the effect of the product design. So this stage is the most important stage of the entire product design. Form ideas through thinking and quickly record them. The idea at the beginning of this design often manifests itself as an instant flash of inspiration, lacking accurate dimensional information and geometric information. Based on the designer’s concept, record by sketching, draw various forms or label the design information, determine three to four directions, and then carry out in-depth design by the designer.

5. Complete the product renderings:

The 2D renderings quantify and refine the fuzzy design results in the sketch. This process can be done with CAD software. Through this process, an accurate product appearance plan is generated. It can clearly show the size and approximate volume of the product to the customer, express the material and light relationship of the product, which is a more intuitive and complete expression after the sketch.
6. 3D Model Design:

3D modeling is a process in which the 3D language is used to describe the shape and structure of the product. Its greatest advantage is the intuitiveness and authenticity of the design. The multi-angle observation in the three-dimensional space adjusts the shape of the product, which can save the original Part of the prototype trial process can more accurately and intuitively conceive the structure of the product, thereby more specifically expressing product ideas and improving product design quality. The 3D map has an accurate form factor relationship and exquisite detail design, which can be used to communicate with customers intuitively.

7. Multi-angle effect Diagram:

The multi-angle renderings give a more intuitive way to feel the spatial volume of the product from multiple visual perspectives. Comprehensive evaluation of product design to reduce design uncertainty

8. Product Color and Appearance Design:

The product color design is used to solve the customer’s requirements for the product color series. The initial scheme of color is adjusted by computer to meet the different color requirements of the same product and expand the customer product line.

9. Product Logo Design:

The design and emission of the surface logo of the product will become the highlight of the panel, bringing a new life experience. The introduction of VI on the product makes the product style more uniform, simple and clear LOGO, providing a friendly and intuitive recognition experience, but also become a delicate detail.

10. Structure Design:

Design the internal structure of the product, and the installation structure and assembly relationship of the product to evaluate the rationality of the product structure.

11. Product Wireframe Structure Diagram:

According to the design size, the electronic file and the assembly relationship between the parts of the parts of the product are accurately completed.

12. Explosion diagram of product structure diagram:

Analyze whether the assembly relationship between parts is reasonable, whether there is interference manifestation, and analyze the load intensity of each component.

13. Modify the block structure diagram:

Modify and adjust the problems in the structural design to determine the final structural file.

14. Prototyping and Pilot Run production:

Before mass production, we will always have to do few around of prototypes to verify and improve our design whatever it might it. Meanwhile, a pilot run is necessary to validate our system for mass production.

15. Prototype debugging:

Put all the circuits and parts into the prototype model, verify the rationality of the structural design, experience the use of the design products, make final adjustments to the problems that occur, and reduce the risk of mold development.

4 Tips on Consumer Products Development

Consumer Product development processNowadays market competition for every product has become very violent, so it’s vital to develop some innovative products to win market. Especially for consumer product development. However it’s not easy to develop a new product successfully. InnoPD has over 20 years of experience in product design and development, we would like to share some important tips on consumer product development.

  1. Catch the customer’s value points

Before you start with a project, you should know your customer very well. Be deeply aware of why the customers need your products, what are the core points that your customers care about? When customers choose a product, they must have some value points in minds. This is what a product developer must catch up. If you do it right, you will have a successful project. If not, you might loose your money and project.


  1. Investigate your competitors

If you are going to develop a new product, you should find out top 5~10 competitors. And find out the advantages and disadvantages of their products. Because you need to learn those advantages and avoid their disadvantage, which will enables you to develop a better products than your competitors. In one word, you need to combines those advantages to your product, then your products will be very competitive and attractive.


  1. Build a unique and strategic product

Prior to building a product, you need to have a clear product strategy by locating your product position, role, and value to distinguish your products from others. Making your product unique and different, be sure there is no similar products as yours.


  1. Make a good sales channel

Sales channel is very important to determine if your product can survive in the market. For example, retail and wholesales are totally different sales channel, if you can’t deploy your sales channel right, you might loose your customers even your products are very good. Here below are some typical sales channels:

  • Ecommerce
  • Reseller
  • Retail
  • Personal Selling
  • Automatic Retail
  • Wholesales
  • Agency


How to Develop a New Product?

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s necessary to develop new product to win customers. Because every business man want to have a unique and attractive product, so as to have more market share and less competition. However, developing a new product is a long and venture period, so at least, you must be very clear of how to develop a new product successfully without loosing money and timing. Here below are our shares of developing new product.


image of new product developmentIdentify the business opportunity


First of all, a product is used to solve a certain kindly problem of your customers, this is the core soul of your product. It also can be called product function.


Prior to develop a new product, you must identify the business opportunity as why your product is needed by your potential customers, and how they want your product to be. This is a serious question that you must go through it, as well as telling to your investor, partner, or customers in future. Meanwhile you must be sure your potential customers really need your product? Or do they have any other alternative choice instead of your product? And what is the unique of your product to offer? If you can explain it clearly, then you can start your product development.


Verify the potential market

Whatever how perfect your product idea might be, there is always necessary to verify if your product will be acceptable in the real market. Sometimes people might come up a idea by themselves and did not get feedback or correspondence from actual market. Then started product development and failed easily.


Our suggestion is that you should make some marketing investigation, and get real questionnaires from the real clients. Then analyze those collected data. It will be much closed to real market instead of thinking it by yourself.


If possible, you should prepare some prototypes of your product. And show it to your clients to listen the real voice from them. This is the most practical way to get first hand feedback to your potential customers.


Make a product development plan


It’s important to have a detailed product development plan before you carry out it. You should write out tasks, timing, and budget that need to meet. Organize experience team member to participate your project, get funds from your investor, and find reliable product design and development company to assist you. The product development plan can give you a clear guideline when and where to go.


Normally people have to make a schedule for quarterly, monthly, and weekly. And follow those actions step by step, which ensure every your project action will be moved forward.



Product design and development

Product design and development is the core action towards a product development. This process will define product specification, structures, and appearance. For most of startups, they will need to find some product design and development company who can provide turnkey product development and manufacturing services, and finally get “ready-for-sell” product. However for some established brands companies, they have their own engineering team, they are more flexible and better protection for intellectual property.


During the product design and development process, we must work out good product concept and detailed CAD design(including 3D and 2D drawings), since these two steps are the top important to any of product design and development. This is why we would like to emphasize it. Secondly making prototypes to verify the product is also quite necessary, because the prototypes can be a visual and real model to check the function, fitting, and appearance. A successful prototyping process can be a good reference to optimize the product, meanwhile it can also avoid lots of modification in future. If everything is OK, it’s the time to move forward to product lanuch


Launch your product


After lots of engineering actions, you might think it’s the time to launch your product. Then you can do it right now, and get it quoted by few manufacturers. And choose one of them to produce your project. When choosing a product manufacturing company, please be sure their capability and reliability. This is to ensure your product will be developed in the last stop. Otherwise it might take your project on high risk.


While launching your product, you should release some formal and written document that communicates between you and your manufacturer, which can avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding. For example, manufacturing contractor, 3D and 2D drawing, critical specifications. Ensure your product is accurately manufactured under control of timing and quality.


The above all is our experience on how to develop a new product, however this is not the fixed rule for every product. If you have any project to run, or any query on product design and development, you are welcome to contact us for help.







5 Major Steps of New Product Design Process

Product design is one of the most critical work for a new product development. It directly or indirectly affect customer’s satisfication and marketing acceptance. This process is also a key successful elements for investors to transfer their idea into profitable business. Therefore we would like to share some useful experience on the major steps as below

Industrial Design

1.       Idea & concept generation:

Product idea means how a product functions and what problem the problem would solve. Before a product idea is created, you should deeply identify the end users’ problem that how they will want the product to be. For example, GPS locator, auto diagnostic scanners, car recorders… these products existed from original demands of problem solving. However for a startup or small companies, they should find some unique, integrated, and valuable product concept that will definitely win marketability in future.

2.      Feasibility Study:

Whatever how perfect your product idea might be, there is always a necessary to verify your product concept and market acceptance. That is also being said, you have to check if your product is achievable, and if your product acceptable by the users. There are lots of different way to test them, however the easiest way is to make some engineering building(prototypes), and show these samples to your customers first, instead of manufacturing it without customer testing. Most of time, some of product concept can be smoothly moved forwarded to market. But if you don’t perform a feasibility study, it’s also easy to fail.

3.      CAD Design:

Once you finalize your product concept by validation, you should make detail CAD design to make everything clear. A CAD design also stands for mechanical design in structural. You must prepare 3D model and 2D drawing that will define product structure, material, color, tolerance, and other manufacturing properties. CAD files are also an original material that will be used to communicate with any one who might involved in the products, like product designer, manufacturers, investors, QC, and buyers.


4.      Pilot Runs and Testing:

After CAD design and prototyping are completed, it’s time to prepare some pilot runs that tests the manufacturing system, as well marketing. It will greatly reduce or avoid unnecessary modification when mass production. In this way, you will save time and cost for your project. Otherwise you might take high risk on your products. During the pilot run process, you must record all of product imperfections, defects, and potential failure risks that existed or would happen in future. A successful pilot runs will solve 90% product issues before mass production. Needless to say, how important it will be.


5. Mass Production:

If everything is finalized and ready to manufacture your products in large scale. You should plan for a mass production. Normally a production leader will organize workers, material, facility, tools to kick off a pre-ordered production. A mass production is a serious work, it should always produce quality product with low cost and most efficient way.


How to find a good product development company?

In today’s competitive market, it’s necessary to develop unique and valuable products. It will benefit for both consumer and business runner. However it’s not easy to find a suitable product design and development company. As we know, in European and US countries, there are lots of product design company, but few of them has one stop product development and manufacturing capabilities. Then more and more people think of finding their product development partners in Asian countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Here we would like to share some experience how to find a good product design and development company.

Find potential product design and manufacturing company on internet or industry fair

There are lots of different level of product development companies all round the worlds. You can find it locally or outside your countries. For most of people, finding a partner on internet is a quick and efficient way. Normally you might search by Google, Yahoo, or Alibaba…certainly we can also find some product development companies from industry fair. And just talk with them face-to-face. And collect some contract information from them.


Get a supplier questionnaire and visit them in person.

When you got contract information from your potential partners. You can have a business questionnaire to know more about them, like business history, number of employee, reference customers, capabilities, etc. perhaps some of them will provide real information, however some of them might not be. So it’s time for your to recognize their identities. And try to avoid to work with any brokers or trading companies. You can verify those questionnaire by many means, but visiting few of them will be most reliable solution.


Verify their capabilities.

At very beginning of a project consultation, many companies declared they would do better than other competitors because they wanted to get the business. Therefore you need to verify their real capabilities. When you visit a potential product development partner, you should deeply talked to their product design engineers and check out if they have rich experience or reference cases that prove their experience and process are reliable, for a standard product design and development company, they must have strong team in mechanical and electronic design and manufacturing, as it’s very essential technology to develop a new product.


Have a formal contract with them

After your reviewed all of the potential partners. You should have choosed one of them to start your project, but we will strongly recommend you to have a business contract with your supplier. And get clear definition on your project information, price, lead-time, and payment terms. So you will have a written document to follow, otherwise you might get trouble when you cooperate with your product development companies.


All in one words, you should consider everything clearly and get your project moved forward step by step. Once you still have some problem on a project development, you are welcome to contact us for help.

How to Get Your Products Manufactured?

To develop unique and valuable products becomes more and more important in the current business environment, many startups as well as big companies has realized it and continues to bring newer products to the market yearly. However, it’s not easy to find a reliable and cost effective manufacturer. Because the manufacturing cost arises continuously in many countries, especially in USA and Europe. This is why more and more business men look for their contract manufacturers in Asia countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Since it’s outsourcing outside countries, you should have some tips to operate it with effectively and safely. Here below we would like to share some useful skills on how to achieve it.

product manufacturing workshopPrepare your product specification

You might design your products around your place because of intellectual property concern, however it must transfer some information to your manufacturer while manufacturing process. We suggest you convert your 3D drawing into stp format that is not easy for modifying. And get the 2D drawing in PDF file, these two critical design document are enough for quotation use. If you don’t have them or just a sketch or reference sample, you can let find some design company to create drawings for manufacturing use.

Get quotation from your manufacturer

After your design is completed, you can look for some manufacturers to quote you. Normally if you don’t have a supplier, you can search it by Google, or some trading platform like Alibaba, made-in-China, Globle Resource, etc. Then collect some supplier contact information and send them your request, like estimated order quantity, component material, as well as your design drawing in step format. After couples of days, those potential supplier would send you quotation in details.

NDA for IP protection

NDA is a most common written document that used to restrict your information will not be revealed for any type of means between the product owner and the third party. It could be adapted for product design and development company, marketing company, as well as product manufacturing companies. You should not start with them before NDA is signed. Since NDA can protect your right in raw.

Choose a right manufacturing supplier

You can evaluate all of offers that your potential supplier send you. Perform a systematic by looking into their factory size, number of experience in the industry you source, reference customers, reference samples, and manufacturing capability. If possible, you should visit their facility in person so as to ensure you are not dealing with a broker. After your evaluation, you can finalize your idea supplier to manufacture your products, and kick off your cooperation formally.

Sampling and pilot run

Before you start a mass production, you should always request a sample making to verify your supplier will understand your demands and make the right products you needed. If a handwork product, you can directly require samples, if a molded products, you might have to require for prototypes by SLA or CNC.

Once the sample or prototypes are confirmed by you, it’s time to start with preparation of pilot run, get some trouble collection and troubleshooting solution during this stage. This is a useful way to identify any imperfection that exists your product, and improve it before mass production.

After you learnt our shares above, you should have some basic knowledge how to get your product manufactured. If you still have some query or question, please just contact Innopd team to help you.





Mechanical Design for Product Development

Mechanical design is an essential process throughout a product development. It is also one of the most important process of a product. Normally it includes design for ergonomics, aesthetics, manufacturing and patent if needed. This technology is widely used to obtain new product, as well as product development. Here below we would like share our experience on mechanical design, hope it will be helpful for any readers.


Concept and Functionality Design

Any of product is designed to render a special function and solve a certain of problem that the end users might have. Therefore, as a product designer, you should always have a clear idea on how the product will function, what way the end users might operate it. Then we should make a creative and cost-effective product solution that will be moving forward to product development process.


Structure Design

Structure design means an overall product layout of components and accessories. A reasonable structure design not only just arranges parts location and match, but also consider for aesthetics, moulding process, as well as assembly process. Meanwhile, you have to consider material, appearance, and cost. So whatever how perfect your original design might, there will always a necessary to optimize it in the later stage of a product design.


Prototype Validation

After concept design and CAD design finished, we must make some prototypes to validate the feasibility and manufacturingbility of our design. Since a real model can check out our product function, assembly, fitting, and tolerance. Prototyping is widely used for any type of engineering design and manufacturing process. Normally we need at least 1~3 times of prototyping before we can finalize our design and move it to manufacturing stage. On the other hand, prototypes can also be used for patent application and customer review.

Design for moulding and Assembly

Few of product designer realizes the importance of design towards injection molding and assembly process. And make lots of mold modification and engineering tweaking after molded products. For example, we should consider for draft angle, parting line, injection gator, and assembly process. These details might affect your product appearance and cost. Thus we must pay more attention to these process.

Pilot Run and improvement  

When all of components are manufactured according to our design, it’s time to prepare a pilot run to verify our process and facility, however it’s also a good opportunity to identify any unseeing issues and potential defects that exists on our product. At this stage, an experienced product design should operate in person to assemble the pilot run, and find out imperfections. Finally make some adjustment to optimize our products. In this way, we can develop a fantastic product as we needed.

The above mentioned is our product design experience for a new product, if you have any query or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. Innopd team will be always be here for you.

7 Steps of New Product Development

Image of New Product Development ProcessNew product development is a combination of engineering and marketing that converts idea to customers. It requires a full understanding of marketing, customer needs, competitions, product design and manufacturing. During the product development process, there are lots of uncertainties and challenges to overcome. If you are a startup, entrepreneur, or a matured company, you must know how a new product is developed.

Here below we would like to share an overall structure of new product development process that might guide you from an innovative idea through commercialization to achieve your goals.

Come up with an idea

Any of new product is initially started from an good idea that resolve a certain problem or create special value for customers. If you are striving to develop a new product, you should always observe the social problem, and work out a solution to help your clients by means of a new product. We know it is not easy to have an innovative and attractive product idea, but there is always a way if you really want it.

Marketing Research

When you have a good product idea, you should perform a deep marketing investigation that get simulation data from your potential customers, as well as good understanding your competitors. Since this investigation will be quite useful for your marketing and product strategies. At this stage, all of customer’s demand, interest, proposals should be collected and concreted into your products. Meanwhile you should realize and understand why your product will be needed existed in the market.

Feasibility Analysis of Your Product

While your product idea seems available for market, it’s time to analyze the feasibility of your product. Normally people would choose to prepare a prototype to show to their investor, customers, or marketing show. Since the prototype can be easily validated for the product functionality, appearance, and overall feelings, which really reflects market acceptance of the product.

Product Design

Product design is one of the most important stage of product development process, as any of good product come from a good product design. Therefore we should focus on it and develop a much better products than any others in the market, which will become your company’s advantage and heritage in future.

It’s not easy to design a good product, it will take lots of engineering people and energy towards it. The most effective way of designing a good product is to learn from your competitors’ products, and absorb their advantages to combine it to yours, In this way, your products will be the most attractive and competitive one in the market.

Engineering and Production

After the product design is completed, all of product prospective and specification are defined, it would be transferred to production. However, between the product design and production, we must take serious engineering process to make the design into manufacturing. Whatever how perfect your design might be, there is always a necessary to engineer and optimize for a real product. Otherwise you might loose lots of money for future’s engineering modification or improvement. Needless to say, it’s the most important stage for our product development.

Launch to Market

Launching the product to market involves in marketing deployment, sales channels determination, and advertising strategies, which enable your product will have good marketing acceptance and sales performances. On the other hand, it’s a good opportunity to listen to customer voice and collect customer’s feedback regarding your product, since those customer comments would be valuable to improve your product in future.

Continuous Product Development

Since our product is to solve customer’s problem and satisfy customers. We should take a long term plan to improve our product prosperity, Instant feedback from customers is helpful to for us to make appropriate improvement for the product, so that we can be able to continuously meet and exceed customer’s expectation.