Why Intellectual Property Protection?

Intellectual Property (IP) is used to protect a company's or individual's patent, invention, and other technology, it is much more valuable than any physical asset.If you want to develop or manufacture your products in China, it's necessary to have the NDA signed to protect your Intellectual Property (IP)

At InnoPD, we take Intellectual Property (IP) our top responsibility. Prior to any project, we encourage our clients to sign a NDA agreement to protect Intellectual Property rights of all parties involved.

image of proection-of-intellectual-property

What We do for IP Protection

As a product development and manufacturing company, the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  is our first responsibility as well as a moral at Inno PD, we keep customer information and their intellectual property top confidential, and take strict operational procedure to protect them from disclosure or stolen. The following information from our customers are our objectives:

  • Customer Name and Contact Information
  • Patent and Industrial Design Rights
  • 2D and 3D Design drawing
  • Any Format of Core Technology
  • Electronic Design Drawing
  • Prototypes and Golden Samples
  • Active Products

Our IP Protection Procedure

Information Registration

At the initiation of each project, we will register all of customer information, product information, and technical information at our system.

User Authorization

At InnoPD, any of customer information is responsible by relative person, if any sensitive information is only allowed to use by our president and managers.

User Log and Tracking

Ensure that some important information is on track, we will keep the information user logged and tracked instantly, so that any action is traceable

Employee Training

At Innopd, we get all of our employee well-trained before working. So that they will identify the importance of intellectual property to clients.

Legal Measure for our employee

At Innopd, all of our employees have to sign a non disclosure agreement for company confidential information including customer IP protection. If anyone is against to the agreement, we will take legal measure to protect our customers' rights.