5 Major Steps of New Product Design Process

Product design is one of the most critical work for a new product development. It directly or indirectly affect customer’s satisfication and marketing acceptance. This process is also a key successful elements for investors to transfer their idea into profitable business. Therefore we would like to share some useful experience on the major steps as below

Industrial Design

1.       Idea & concept generation:

Product idea means how a product functions and what problem the problem would solve. Before a product idea is created, you should deeply identify the end users’ problem that how they will want the product to be. For example, GPS locator, auto diagnostic scanners, car recorders… these products existed from original demands of problem solving. However for a startup or small companies, they should find some unique, integrated, and valuable product concept that will definitely win marketability in future.

2.      Feasibility Study:

Whatever how perfect your product idea might be, there is always a necessary to verify your product concept and market acceptance. That is also being said, you have to check if your product is achievable, and if your product acceptable by the users. There are lots of different way to test them, however the easiest way is to make some engineering building(prototypes), and show these samples to your customers first, instead of manufacturing it without customer testing. Most of time, some of product concept can be smoothly moved forwarded to market. But if you don’t perform a feasibility study, it’s also easy to fail.

3.      CAD Design:

Once you finalize your product concept by validation, you should make detail CAD design to make everything clear. A CAD design also stands for mechanical design in structural. You must prepare 3D model and 2D drawing that will define product structure, material, color, tolerance, and other manufacturing properties. CAD files are also an original material that will be used to communicate with any one who might involved in the products, like product designer, manufacturers, investors, QC, and buyers.


4.      Pilot Runs and Testing:

After CAD design and prototyping are completed, it’s time to prepare some pilot runs that tests the manufacturing system, as well marketing. It will greatly reduce or avoid unnecessary modification when mass production. In this way, you will save time and cost for your project. Otherwise you might take high risk on your products. During the pilot run process, you must record all of product imperfections, defects, and potential failure risks that existed or would happen in future. A successful pilot runs will solve 90% product issues before mass production. Needless to say, how important it will be.


5. Mass Production:

If everything is finalized and ready to manufacture your products in large scale. You should plan for a mass production. Normally a production leader will organize workers, material, facility, tools to kick off a pre-ordered production. A mass production is a serious work, it should always produce quality product with low cost and most efficient way.