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Our product development and manufacturing factoryInnopd is an innovative turnkey product development and manufacturing company in Shenzhen China
, providing one stop product development and contract manufacturing services including product design, industrial design, prototyping, engineering, and final product contract manufacturing in application of automotive, medical & beauty, consumer electronic, industrial, and other commercial products.

We research, design, and manufacture your products with top IP protection.  Innopd uses a proven process for new product development to achieve your projects with high quality, on schedule, and within budget requirements. With more than 20 years of experience in new product development and manufacturing services, we completely understand what and how the clients need, what and how the end users like and finally help our client to develop best products in the market.

  20 Years of  Experience / 500 Projects Served

  Design and manufacture project in-house, 100% safe for IP protection!

  Lowest China factory cost + Western quality products

Terms of Services

  • Cost

          Since we are original Chinese local factory in Shenzhen China, we are able to offer clients lowest cost while product development and manufacturing project, normally our price is about 30% cheaper than other product development companies.

  • Timing

          Most of projects can be completed and shipped in 3~6 months, however for some of big projects, it might take 1~2 years. Thereofre the lead-time of a project really depends on the complexity of project itself. 

         When a project is started, we will provide detail timeline for customers to manage their project, meanwhile we will offer a weekly project update, so as to keep everything on moving and on track.

  • Shipping

          We ship the goods by ocean or air shipping(DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS, etc) based on customer requirements. Normally the  large scale of goods are shipped by ocean shipping that takes about 20~25 days, but the air shipping are only for some light goods, it only takes 3~5 days to arrive customer's door in any place in the world. 

  • Payment

         To start with a project, clients should make a pre-payment of 50% of total quoted price, and the last of 50% will be made while the goods or engineering building are ready to ship. So that our customers don't need to take more risk if the project is not successfully achieved. 

         The payment methods are available for telegram transfer, Western Union, and Paypal.  

Got a product idea or ready to launch a new product?

We have our own manufacturing facility in-house, therefore you don't need to transfer your design data forth-and-back. It's much safer for your IP protection!


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