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InnoPD is an one-stop product development and manufacturing company in Shenzhen China since 2001. Our proven process, sophisticated team, and competitive price will ensure your project will be successfully developed at us . If you have a product idea or an existing project to launch,  please just contact us for a free project consultation and quotation now!

Who and Why InnoPD?


Our product development and manufacturing factoryInnoPD is a turnkey product development and manufacturing company in Shenzhen China, providing one-stop product development service including new product design, industrial design, prototyping, engineering, and final product contract manufacturing services.

Our mission is to help worldwide individuals, small and medium-sized companies, as well as established brands to build unique, valuable, and competitive products in the market.

InnoPD uses a proven process(500 projects served, 20 years of experience) to achieve clients' demands in product development and manufacturing . Our sophisticated engineering team work closely with you to keep project at high quality, on schedule, and within budget.  If you have any project to run, just contact us right now, and benefit your business earlier!

   Direct China factory price, 30% cheaper than other companies. 

  In-house manufacturing facility, 100% safe for IP protection!

   Proven process with 500 projects served & 20 years of experience.

 Our Clients

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